Exercise How-To: The Box Jump

I love incorporating box jumps into my workouts. They’re great because they are high intensity cardio AND a power movement. Plus, you can use a small or as big a box as you want!

How-To Box Jump~

Tips and Tricks~

Box Jump How-To

Have fun jumping!!!

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  • Do you ever do box jumps?
  • What is your favorite way to incorporate them into your workouts?

<3 Kay

Why I Cry When You Calorie- Count


Many people losing weight have found success in calorie counting. I can honestly understand their argument- but only to a certain extent. It makes sense, to eat less than you’re burning. It’s like you spend 20 years or so eating too many calories and now you are trying to burn those ding dongs you ate in 1994. But does it really work like that? Does calories counting and burning more than we eat the best way to keep off the weight, or even to tone up and lose the last 5lbs?

So maybe you’ve had success in the past losing weight this way. And then, life happens, and you gain some of the weight back. What do you do? If you’re like most people, you’d go back to the same plan that worked for you in the past- calorie counting!

Only, this time around, it doesn’t seem to work. Why? You’re eating half the calories you ate while you put on weight, but you’re not able to lose a single pound! What gives???

What Happens to Your Body When You Calories Count?


Your metabolism is like the furnace of your body. It burns calories [or breaks down fat/sugar] to use them as energy for various things your body needs throughout the day; digesting, walking, reading, stressing about work, etc. Just like a furnace, your metabolism needs fuel to burn stronger/faster.

Not all “fuel” [or food] is created equal. If you try to fuel your body with foods that have no nutrients, it’s like throwing paper in your furnace- it doesn’t take a long time to burn paper and, if you only used paper to fuel the flame, it would die out quickly.

In the same way, if you don’t eat enough food, your “flame” [or metabolism] will pretty much go kaput. Add a ton of exercise to this mix and your body shuts down- it almost stops burning calories all together.

Not eating enough + Too much exercise= Lowered metabolism and Stress on the Body

THIS is the recipe for ineffective weight loss and, scarily enough, weight GAIN. Your body won’t burn calories if you’re stressed because it is trying to survive. Much like if you were starving for food on a deserted island, your body would want to store as much energy [AS FAT] as it possible could so you could stay alive. And, if you don’t eat enough [like <1200 calories which most weight-loss hopefuls do], then you’re pretty much screwed.

So How Can You Lose Weight?


Like I said before, there are some positives to counting calories. It forces you to think about choosing more filling foods, helps keep your portions under control, and let’s you know what you’re really eating versus what you think you’re eating. I also like the fact that calorie-counters track their exercise. Food-logging and exercise-tracking really helps you in the future because you can look back on previous weeks to see what worked and what didn’t.

BUT… and this is a big “but”, the best way to lose weight is by doing to following:

1. Eat REAL foods

Stop eating processed crap. It’s better to eat more calories of foods that God made than it is to skimp on nutrients so you can have a few chips.

2. Eat When You’re Hungry

This seems simple, but it can be the most difficult to follow for serial calorie counters. If you ate 200 calories for your lunch and you’re still hungry, grab and apple or nuts or more grass-fed beef or a protein shake and chow down! Listening to your body is SO important. Our bodies are amazing self-regulators. They will tell us when we are hungry, tired, need to exercise, DON’T need to exercise, etc. Don’t fight your hunger- FEED IT!

3. Vary Exercise Intensities

Just like, at some point in your weight loss journey, walking a mile around the block will not be enough to keep losing, taking 5 spin classes and 5 crossfit classes a week won’t either. Sure- both are HUGELY effective workouts to do, but stress is a huge factor to monitor when it comes to weight loss. [we’re talking physical stress in this case] If you’re working out 4 days a week, make sure the you include 1 low intensity, 2 moderate intensity, and 1 hard intensity workouts.

Remember to talk to a fitness professional before starting your weight-loss journey. It’s SO hard to do on your own- especially if you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works.

Please email me if you need advice- fitnessmovesyou@gmail.com

I’m always here to help!


  • Have you had success calorie counting?
  • What eating strategies do you use to lose weight?

<3 Kay

I’m Gaining Muscle… and I’m Okay w/ It

For the past month, I've been loosely following a program that Kevin purchased called The 6 Month Muscle Gain Challenge. I don't really have a desire to gain muscle, but the program was created by my old professor's collueges and consists heavily of Olympic Lifting. And, if you know me- which you probably don't because I've been pretty absent on the blog lately- then you know I love Olympic Lifting but I kinda suck at it.

Anyway, Kevin wants to gain muscle (cause he's a buff dude and all) and I thought I would do the program and pair it with some fat-burning cardio so I could lean out, get strong, and learn more about olympic lifting.

I was a little scared because, after all, the title does say Muscle GAIN Challenge. Any girl would agree that we HATE gaining weight, am I right? And, to be honest, I have gained about 5lbs since starting my new job (gotta love stress weight, eh?) so I really didn't want to gain any more. So I figured I would try it out for a month and see how I feel. Here was my plan: 5days of the program + 3 days of fat-burning cardio

Diet= semi-paleo with 1 cheat meal per week

How did I feel?

The workouts are tough, but I really love them! The thing that is awesome about these workouts is they don't take that much time. Aka they are super efficient, which is something I think we all need. This gave me extra time to do cardio 3x a week for 30min.

And My Diet?

I've been focusing on eating more consistently and eating whole foods. Because of my job, it's SUPER easy for me to forget to eat- which is NOT good if you're trying to lose or gain weight or just be a healthy human being. I aimed to eat 4x a day with an added protein shake post-workout. Most days, this plan worked and I felt awesome.

BUUUT there's one thing you should know about lifting heavy weights- you get HUNGRY. My weakness has always been sugar, so the combo of a higher metabolism and losing muscle glycogen after each workout made it tough to resist those lovely milkshakes I do so adore.

Did I Lose Weight?

The good news? It really didn't matter! I weighed myself everyday and checked my body fat every week and the results were pretty amazing. Things are about to get seriously real right now. For the first time ever, I'm going to reveal my weight to you guys! :0 Don't judge, but if you do, I probably won't care anway cause I really like the way my body looks right now.

Drum Rooolllllll…..

  • Week 1: 157lbs 24% Body Fat
  • Week 2: 155lbs 23.2% Body Fat
  • Week 3: 157lbs 23% Body Fat
  • Week 4: 154lbs 23% Body Fat

The weird thing for me to get used to was the fact that I was gaining and losing- like I was taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. The AWESOME thing was that I ended up losing weight AND body fat in the end!


I still have a ways to go, but I'm kind stoked with these results. This just further proves that, when I'm consistent with me workouts and eating healthy (kinda) all the time, weight loss and body transformation WILL happen.


My PRs:



Start- 45lbs Month 1- 65lbs



Start- 115lbs Month 1-125lbs



Start- 32.5lbs Month 1- 65lbs


Pull Ups:

Starts- 0 Month 1- 3


Enough. Said. :)


I'm super stoked to see what happens next month.

My Goals?

MY goals for month 2 are to just keep improving every day. That's really all I can ask of myself, ya know? I know that the month will not be perfect, but I'm going to try to keep losing weight and building muscle. I haven't really thought of a goal weight; I want my body to decide what is good and feels right. As for food, I know I could pull in the reigns even more and I want to try to cut out most desserts and junk food.

Workouts Changes= I plan to keep following the challenge workouts, while retesting my metabolic profile and doing cardio in my heart rate zones. I also want to add 1 day of yoga into my weekly routine.

Diet= No dairy or gluten, except for the ocassional greek yogurt or kefir. But, for the first 2 weeks of the month, I want to try and not have ANY dairy to see how my body responds.

Alright, enough word vomit for one day. I'll talk to you guys soon!




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