Basic Grocery List for Eating Healthy

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Grocery shopping/meal prepping can be tough. It’s hard to determine what is deemed “healthy” because so much of what is on the shelves at grocery stores have misleading labels. So, to keep things simple, here is a basic grocery list you can refer to when you go shopping for food:

Online Training Groceries

Online Training Groceries

Beyond your basics, here are the drinks, snacks, and things to cook with you should focus on:


  1. Water
  2. Carbonated Water/Drinks- NO SODA
  3. Unsweetened Teas and Coffees- I’m talking no sugar, no additives, just the coffee/tea


  1. Nuts (but NO peanuts- those are actually beans and are an inflammatory food)- cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, and/or macadamia nuts are great snacks for keeping you full. Even though they contain fat, they are good fats that help to keep your weight down. Beware of trail mix with sugar-filled items such as raisins and M&Ms- eating fat with sugar is a BAD idea.
  2. High-protein granola- if you like granola on top of your greek yogurt, make sure the carb count is lower and the protein count is higher.
  3. Jerky- Beef, turkey, salmon, etc. This is great if you are craving something salty (just make sure you get the low sodium kind so you don’t go overboard)
  4. Produce- as always, fruits and veggies are the best snack option!
  5. Protein Shakes and Bars- just be careful with the carbs on this one, too. The bar/shake you choose should have a 2:1 protein:carb ratio. (Ex~ 20g protein and 10g carbs). Also, make sure it doesn’t have Soy Protein- focus only on whey, casein, and rice/pea protein

Things to cook with:

  1. Butter and Coconut Oil: These cook great at a higher temp and are healthier Saturated fats. Don’t go overboard on these, but they are imperative to eat for a healthy diet because they are natural and the body knows how to digest them better than canola oil, vegetable oil, margarine, or peanut oil.
  2. Olive Oil: DO NOT COOK WITH THIS. Use olive oil only for salads/ things you don’t cook with. When olive oil gets too hot, it turns into a trans fat which is not good.
  3. Any spices you want: My favs are Cumin, Basil. Tumeric, and Cayenne.

I hope this helps!

Be An Intent Free Spirit

I want to give my life structure, but too much structure will make me want to self sabotage. You know what I mean?

As I look back on 2014, I realize just how much I have grown as a person. In most all aspects of my life, I’ve learned more about myself, became stronger, more poised and secure in myself, and have moved forward in my life journey. But still, I’m a lazy human who Facebook’s too much, watches too much Netflix, and sleeps in too much on my days off. I want to be more productive, but have no motivation.

But sometimes I think about said motivation and wonder- what kind of motivation is such that you can sustain it for your entire life, day in and day out, not matter what? Well, when I sit and think about it, it’s not really motivation at all. Instead I think it’s a vigor for life; an ability to remind yourself each day how precious life is. I mean, people say that life is a gift from God that we are blessed with each day and we should cherish that gift. But most of the time I wake up grumpy and forget the whole cherishing life thing.

Ugh, I’m really a messed up human.

I’m not trying to sound dramatic and I am getting a bit off topic. My point is that, although I’ve improved upon myself more than ever in 2014, it was a gruesome process because I spent the whole time mustering up daily motivation out of thin air to drag myself out of bed and get some stuff done each day. As the days past, I got more fatigued and frustrated with altruistic self because the motivation I was mustering eventually fell flat- without meaning.

I came up with a mantra awhile back based on certain words I associated my life’s priorities with: Be an intent free spirit. And, as each day passes, it means a little something more to me. Instead of turning into a robot and spending my days “getting stuff done” in the most mundane, materialistic way possible, I want to be remain the free spirit God created me to be and use the passion inside my heart to change the world and make it better with each day given to me by Him.

But that’s such a loaded wish, how do I keep the motivation to make it possible? I think it’s all about small habits that I form [the good kind] and small habits that I break [the bad kind] that will cause minor tweaks to be chiseled and for said “free spirit” to break free and be intentional to do the things God wants me to do. [Which, by the way, I’m almost certain is not spending half my life on social media or Netflix]

So, my goal for 2015 are to create positive habits in my life and, one by one, let those habits form and shape my soul into an even better version of myself. I’ll choose 1 habit per month to make and stick to.

~January’s Habit~

Read 1hr per day [30min Bible 30min Of Choice]

Let’s see how this goes…


  • What are your goals for 2015?

<3 Kay

Everything in Moderation- What IS Moderation?

Everything in Moderation… Including Moderation.

My nutrition teacher in college told us this version. He always said that, even though our diets should be the healthiest it could be 85% of the time, there are some times in our lives when a donut binge is just a necessity. I think it’s ridiculous of us to assume that it’s possible to never eat birthday cake ever again; it certainly would not be as fun a world if we didn’t partake in the occasional burger and fries.

I completely agree with this theory. I’m sure we’ve all said those last famous words to ourselves at one [or two or three] times in our lives: “After this weekend, I’m never going to eat/drink [insert vice food here] for the rest of my life.” Yeah, sure. Let’s talk in a few months when it’s your best friend’s birthday and she wants to try every single flavor of Oreos with her friends.

Moderation can be overrated sometimes. I think the real definition of healthy living is working hard and eating right, but also knowing when to take a lazy rest day and enjoy in some of life’s best gifts. (Like your grandma’s brownies) The problem comes when we do one of two things:

  1. we go overboard with our moderation in one direction or the other or,
  2. we don’t use food and exercise to nourish our bodies, and instead play the game of “calories in calories out”, justifying our eating habits with our crazy workout schedules.

Either way, it’s hard to understand what moderation is. Because of this, we run away from anything unhealthy- or we give up on our healthy-living goals and run straight into a family-sized bag of chips.

Attempting moderation can be such a daunting task. I think that’s why people come to health professionals, frustratingly begging us for just a simple workout plan and meal plan. “Just tell me what to do” they say. But it’s not that simple. I can only teach you how to be self-sufficient, and that comes with learning lessons yourself and putting them to practice.

Like moderation. And, honestly? I’m not a master at moderation. I go through a cycle of eating cruddy foods more than I should and then realize I’ve gained 5lbs and I am sleeping terribly and I should probably cut back on the Cheese-Its. But, deep in my mind, I know I’ll never completely give up junk food. That’d be too unrealistic. That’s not moderation.

Or is it? I mean, God did not intend for us to eat Twinkies and McDonalds for the rest of our lives. Maybe I should go completely raw, organic, unprocessed. It’s so hard to tell because our society is SO not like that, anymore. But, if we were to stick to eating the things God intended us to eat, I’m sure our lives would be so much better.

So, because I love to consolidate my thoughts in a list, here is what I think moderation is for me:

  • I want to make sure each meal I eat is balanced and nourishes my body
  • Putting dyes, artificial sweeteners, or GMOs in my body is probably not anywhere near moderation for me. Because they are addictive, and I tend to stress-eat, I need to stay away from them as much as humanly possible. I don’t think my life will be effected too much if I refuse to eat Skittles.
  • Enjoy the foods in life that are associated with family/memories. For example, my grandma makes the BEST brownies and treats for mine and my siblings’ birthdays. I really want to enjoy the treats she makes. All homemade and made with love, my life is really enriched with her desserts because they are associated with great memories and time spent with my family.
  • Giving up certain food groups forever is not moderation, for me. However, the types of foods I eat should always strive to be the best I can possible eat. That means staying away from processed foods, unless I’m somewhere where that is not possible.

I don’t know if these “moderation rules” will be applicable to you. But, I encourage you to really think about the healthy/ not-so-healthy things you have in your life and ask yourself,

  1. Do the pros out-weigh the cons?
  2. Do the foods you eat that aren’t the healthiest really enrich your life?

Take some time to do a little reflecting on how you’ve been treating your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Moderation is all about doing what is right for you, and sometimes that means letting certain things slide. Other times, though, it means sticking to your morals even when tempted otherwise.

I hope this helps.


  • What does moderation mean to you?

<3 Kay


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