Who Gives You the Right to Call her Muscles FAT?!

I was talking to one of my clients the other day about what “fit” looks like.



She had gone to her swimming lesson and, the day before that, she had trained with me. During our session, we did an intense leg workout so she was very sore when swimming. When she got out of the pool, a woman came up to her and noticed she was tired. As my client put it, this woman was “fluffy”– as in she didn’t look like she had ever picked up a weight in her life. Nevertheless, the woman said to my client- “You know, you really ought to work out more. You wouldn’t be so tired if you did.”



Now- I have been working with my client for awhile now, and she has made GREAT strides towards a leaner body fat and strength gains. She has a wonderfully normal body type; she is not overweight and she has curves BUT she is not a stick. Her goals are to be strong, to improve her fitness, and to rehab from a knee injury.

When she told me what this crazy woman at the pool told her, she said she felt as if the woman didn’t realize my client worked out because she didn’t look like a feather in the wind. Thank God my client is a strong woman and doesn’t let stupid comments like that get to her.

But the fact that this woman believed that skinny=fit and healthy made me mad!

Sure- I know plenty of women who are naturally skinny, and are healthy and active and loving life and look beautiful. But that’s not what I am talking about. Starving yourself, over exercising, smoking, and doing anything and everything unhealthy just to fit into a size 0 is NOT fit and healthy!

But society still tells us that skinny is fit. Skinny is healthy. Skinny is beautiful. WHY?



What the hell give someone the right to call another person fat- when they haven’t even seen them do a back squat at 135lb. I don’t care if you are 10lb “overweight”, if you can run a marathon in 4hours- screw the 10lb!

Fit comes in all shapes and sizes; it comes with muscles and smiles; it represents what you can do, NOT how you look; and most of all- it is what YOU make it! If you want to be skinny, go for it. Cut calories, run 20 miles a day, and live in an unhappy world full of numbers, hunger headaches, and scales.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be a healthy weight. I mean, if your doctor has told you that you need to loose 40lb due to health reasons, then that is a different problem all together. I am talking about those women who are in a healthy weight range and are full of muscle and strength because they chose not to focus on unrealistic expectations and, instead, focus on their bodies’ abilities.



To me, life is more than just fitting into what society says is healthy. Honestly, society isn’t healthy so that’s kind of an ironic concept to grasp. Instead, life should be full of exercise that makes you happy and feel accomplished, good food that has quality and is surrounded by laughter, and most of all- time spent with the ones you love, rather than time spent in a world of self hate.

Just a thoughtSmile


  • Why do you work out???
  • Do you think strong is the new skinny?

See ya~ Kay

About Kaylie @ FitnessMovesYou

I live for healthy living. It is my whole being and I believe a desire to live a healthier life lies within all of us. My goal is to educate in the most understanding way possible, and cater to a world full of busy bodies, unsettled minds, and tainted souls. This blog is not a diet regimen, nor will it guarantee weight loss. It is simply to gather information into one convenient place. It is a tool meant to be shared with the world. What you choose to do with it is up to you. Read, apply, disregard, or use. But, above all, enjoy!

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  1. This makes me so angry! I’m glad your client is nice and mature and didn’t say anything back. I would have made some bitch comment back before I even realized I had done so. I can’t stand shit like that. While it’s obvious and annoying that people judge each other silently at the gym, and that’s difficult enough, I don’t think I would be able to deal with someone having the nerve to say something to my face about it. Eff that shit. Wow I’m so mad for your girl. I feel like anyone who is at the gym gettin’ it or at least trying to (even if they’re just on an elliptical) is ahead of the curve and that should only be met with encouragement, not cynicism. Although now that she started it (yes I’m 10), I’m not above saying that maybe if that lady picked up a weight every now and then she wouldn’t be so fluffy!

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