Weekly Workouts~ A Yoga Video & A Crossfit Workout

It’s Saturday- BOOM! I don’t know what that boom was for, but we’re just gonna roll with it.

Oh geez I have been busy this week. In a good way, but still. I’m about to head to the gym for what I hope to be the best workout of this week. But, before I do, let’s recap on the week, shall we?

Weekly Workouts

Like I said, nothing really stood out in the workout department this week. I worked out, let’s just put it that way. It’s not that they were bad workouts- they were just “eh” workouts. You feel me? Here is what I did…

Sunday: 1 Mile in 7:19min, 15min Elliptical, + Weights


Emily worked out with us this week!!!!!! She usually works on the weekends but recently quit her job to have more time for her teaching credential. So, of course, we dragged her to the gym. Here is what we did:

~Weight Training: 2 sets of the following~

  • 15 Cleans
  • 15 Split Jerks
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Push Ups

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 5 Mile Run

5 Miler on 12 10

I think it was somewhere around 4.8 miles, actually, because I accidently smacked my Garmin when I was drumming to Muse. #sorrynotsorry This was the first time I had ran on this trail by my house. It was beautiful and I loved the run! But- I have a serious problem that must be fixed before my half in January.

I can’t seem to get past 5 miles without feeling like I need to…um… poop. [Okay so I worked at a nursing home for a year and had to help residents with their bowel problems, so I pretty much have thrown discretion out the window when it comes to poop] When I was eating strictly Paleo, I never had this problem. In fact, it was when I wasn’t eating dairy or bread that I ran my fastest/strongest/felt-like-superman.

See, I can give up bread- no problem. BUT- milk is a different story. I used to have insomnia, and the one thing that helps me sleep now? A glass of milk before bed. The only problem is, I notice that my stomach is upset after I drink milk during any other time of the day. I know I should stop drinking it, but I don’t know how else to fall asleep.

Do you guys have any suggestions of milk alternatives?

Wednesday: 30min Elliptical + Weight Lifting

I met up with my dad Wednesday and we did the following~

  • Bench Press 3×10 @75lb
  • Leg Press 3×12 @270lb
  • Pull Ups 3×8 @110lb
  • Jump Squats 3×20
  • Crunches 3×15

It was a good workout, but I was totally lagging the whole time. Again, this is a prime example of an “eh” workout. I can’t explain it, although it might be because I felt a bit under-the-weather. In either case, I’m just happy I made it to the gym at all.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 1 Mile [Fastest time for #elf4health challenge!], 2 Miles of sprints, + Weights

Here was my workout plan~

friday workout 12 13

I killed it in the gym! I was by myself, which usually bums me out. But, I  was able to get some “me time” and really focus on pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Saturday~ 20min Stairs + Weights

I am working out with my family today after I get done with work. I’m not sure what we have planned, yet, but I know I will be picking up weights at some point and moving them fast…. because this is my favorite thing to do. Smile

Before I forget…


I am having a giveaway for virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions! Be sure to enter before 12/17/13- good luck!


  • What was your fav workout of the week?

See ya~ Kay

About Kaylie @ FitnessMovesYou

I live for healthy living. It is my whole being and I believe a desire to live a healthier life lies within all of us. My goal is to educate in the most understanding way possible, and cater to a world full of busy bodies, unsettled minds, and tainted souls. This blog is not a diet regimen, nor will it guarantee weight loss. It is simply to gather information into one convenient place. It is a tool meant to be shared with the world. What you choose to do with it is up to you. Read, apply, disregard, or use. But, above all, enjoy!

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  1. I have been packing to move so I am getting quite the work-out!!

  2. I like your style very much. And Merry Christmas to you!

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