Vegas Trip 2014

Okay let’s talk about Vegas. My weekend. It was fun. I ate chocolate. We celebrated one of my best friend’s birthdays. Perfect weekend.

After everyone got off work on Friday, we began our road trip to Vegas!!!


We arrived a little after midnight and it was time to unpack and eat dinner. I made sure to set out my snacks for the weekend. They were all healthy… minus the girl scout cookies I bought from my client. But, honestly, girl scout cookies are worth it- right?!

For dinner, my friends wanted to go to McDonalds across the street from our hotel. I decided to just eat a couple of girl scout cookies and a protein bar and watch my friends eat crap food. Mc-y D’s is not my thang.

We didn’t go to bed until about 3AM on Friday night. I can’t really sleep in too late so I woke up at 8:30AM the next morning, ready to rock the day.


On Saturday, we all met up and walked to lunch. [Don’t you love Brian’s [Emily’s Fiance] smile? Winking smile He never smiles in pictures so we make fun of him quite often]


Amy [The Birthday Girl!!!] and Elaine! They are best buds and adorable Smile


Amy, Kevin, and I did the healthy thing the whole weekend by taking the stairs whenever possible. The rest of our crew took pictures of their group on the escalators, so I tried to do the same… I tried.


We went to lunch at the best restaurant known to man- Max Benner! There is not a Max Brenner in California. SO whenever we are in a city with one, my friends and I HAVE to go.

Why, might you ask?


Here’s why…


Let me introduce you to the Smores Sundae! Oh my goodness they have the best desserts at Max Brenner, which is why I chose to make this meal a “cheat meal”- because come on, you just have to! Smile


Once we were done with lunch, we made our way down the strip to the Coke Factory to taste test their sodas! This is a super fun thing to do in Vegas. It’s really cheap, and it’s fun to see everyone’s reactions to different Cokes from around the world.

Our next stop was a place called Fat Tuesdays to get Amy her heart’s desire…


A 100oz pina colada/hurricane. She was turning 21 so this was on her wish list for sure! It was hilarious to see her try to drink the whole thing throughout the night, seeing as she is 4ft11inch. Smile


Everyone had to go to the bathroom after we bought our drinks, and Emily offered to watch everyone’s drinks. It’s really funny because my sister and I barely drink, and here Em is with about 5 drinks in her hands!

Kevin wants me to tell you that this was NOT his “first gamble”…


So Kevin never came to Vegas for his 21st bday. His goal of the trip was to gamble at a Black Jack table for his “first gamble”. Then, we walked by this slot machine and he sat down and put 2 dollars in.  I got excited and took a picture of him and he yelled, “NO! This can’t be my first gamble!”

He thought this until…


He won $17!!!

We all screamed like he had won $500- people actually ran over to see how much he won. Haha. We are just that cheap, I guess Smile 


Anyway, Kevin was stoked and so he bought me dinner- holaa!!!!

Okay so, by this time of day, we were hungry and tired. We walked about 10 miles that day so we all needed to sit and eat. We went back to the hotel and had dinner at one of the restaurant inside the hotel.

Emily, Brian, Kevin, and I got really tired and decided to go to sleep, while the rest of our group went out for more gambling. I give them mad props. 2 nights in a row going to bed at 3 or 4AM- I don’t know how they did that!

On Sunday, we had breakfast and then made our way home. Everyone was pooped but had a great time! Even though Vegas is not my favorite place to go, anytime I get to vacation with my best friends is a great time!


  • Have you ever been to Vegas? Do you love it/hate it?

See ya~Kay

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  1. Uhhhhh s’more sunday?? YES PLEASE.

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